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As per NPCI Reports BHIM application for iOS, iPhone, iPad is currently available at download BHIM app for iOS. On Friday, 30 December 2016, PM Modi launched the Bharat Interface for money (Bhim) app, an easy and convenient utility that allowed users to form cashless transactions across banks.

The app quickly saw a surge in users with the servers going down in brief. The app reached the rank one spot on Play store listings. the application has launched just for android smartphones, and users of iOS and Windows Mobile are insisting for the launch of the app on all platforms.

BHIM APP Available for iOS:

Amitabh Kant, who is chief executive officer of NITI Aayog, has disclosed that the BHIM application is extended to iOS platform within 10 days at apple app store and can feature trilingual support. whereas Kant had already disclosed that the app is accessible for iOS users, this is often the primary time he has shared a timeline and disclosed new features.

The latest development comes shortly after the BHIM app saw a huge response from android users. The app has already seen quite a pair of million downloads on Google Play Store and is presently the top app on the store.

Although the initial roll-out hasn’t been without glitches with multiple people complaining regarding issues with login and authentication, the app was updated to repair them.

Download Bhim for iOS

Steps to Install Bhim in iOS:

  • Open App store
  • Search for Bhim App

  • Click on Install, Wait for installation
  • Enjoy!! 🙂


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